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Havering Children's Services Procedure Manual - Contents

November 2018

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  1. All Children
  2. Case Management and Recording
  3. Prevention and Family Support
  4. Children in Particular Circumstances
  5. Looked After Children
  6. Placements
  7. Fostering
  8. Adoption and Permanence
  9. Appendices

1. All Children


Policy Values and Principles

1.1.1 Children’s Services Policies, Values and Principles Updated
1.1.2 Confidentiality Policy Updated
1.1.3 Consultation Policy  
1.1.4 Family and Friends Care Policy Updated
1.1.5 Social Work Supervision Policy  
1.1.6 Children's Consultation and Participation  



Early Help

1.2.1 Early Help Assessment Professional Guidance  
1.2.2 Early Help Multi-Agency Family Assessment (Havering LSCB)  
1.2.3 Early Help Assessment Tools  
1.2.4 Early Help Fraser Guidelines  
1.2.5 Early Help Panel and Application Form  
1.2.6 Early Help Action Plan Extensions  
1.2.7 Early Help – Multi-Agency TAF Review  
1.2.8 Early Help Assessment – Parents’ Guide  
1.2.9 Inter-Agency Threshold Criteria for Children in Need  



Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning

1.3.1 Assessments Updated
1.3.2 Procedure for the Transfer of Cases Between Social Work Teams within the Children and Families Services  
1.3.3 Transferring and Closing Cases  
    Transfer in Conference Process  
    Transferring Case Process  
1.3.4 CCM Guide to Recording Plans, Needs and Reviews  



Court Proceedings

1.4.1 Application for Emergency Protection Orders  
1.4.2 Care and Supervision Proceedings and the Public Law Outline Updated
1.4.3 Legal Planning and PLO Review  
1.4.4 Protocol and Good Practice Model: Disclosure of Information in Cases of Alleged Child Abuse and Linked Criminal and Care Directions Hearing (October 2013)  
  See also: Working with foreign authorities: child protection cases and care orders Departmental advice for local authorities, social workers, service managers and children’s services lawyers (July 2014)  



Missing Children

1.5.1 Missing Children, London Child Protection Procedures  
    Missing Persons Process  
    Havering Missing From Home, Care or Education Protocol  




1.6.1 Death or Serious Injury to a Child (Looked After and Child In Need)  
1.6.2 Cross Border Child Protection Cases  
1.6.3 Youth Justice Board National Standards and Case Management Guidelines  
1.6.4 Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation  
    CSE Process Map  



Complaints and Whistleblowing

1.7.1 Complaints and Representations  
1.7.2 Whistleblowing (intranet link)  
  See also: Raising Concerns at Work: Whistleblowing Guidance for Workers and employers in Health and Social Care (2014)  
  and Whistleblowing to Ofsted about Children’s Social Care Services - Policy and Guidance for Whistleblowers  

2. Case Management and Recording

2.1 Recording Policy and Guidelines Updated
2.2 Case Records and Retention Updated
2.3 Access to Records / Subject Access Requests Updated
2.4 Electronic Recording of Meetings and Conservations Updated

3. Prevention and Family Support

3.1 Children in Need Plans and Reviews  
3.2 Private Fostering  
3.3 Homeless Young People Aged 16 and 17  
3.4 Family Group Conferences – Policy and Procedure  
    Family Group Conferences – Timescale Flowchart  

4. Children in Particular Circumstances


Children from Abroad

4.1.1 Independent Family Returns Panel  
4.1.2 Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery Updated
4.1.3 Families with No Recourse to Public Funds  
4.1.4 On The Safe Side – Principles for the Safe Accommodation of Child Victims of Trafficking (ECPAT Briefing)  



Young Carers

4.2.1 Young Carers  



Children with Disabilities

4.3.1 Children and Young People Aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities  
4.3.2 Short Breaks  



Relinquished Children

4.4.1 Relinquished Children Updated

5. Looked After Children


Decision to Look After and Care Planning

5.1.1 Havering - Permanency Planning Process and Family Finding for Children – to be read in conjunction with the LBH Permanency Strategy  
5.1.2 Decision to Look After and Care Planning Updated
    Looked After Flowchart Summary  
    CCM Guide to Recording Plans, Needs and Reviews  
5.1.3 Ceasing to look After a Child  
5.1.4 Local Authority's Sufficiency Duty - Accommodation for Looked After Children  
5.1.5 Permanency Planning Meeting and Family Finding Process Updated
    Permanency Strategy  
    Permanency Planning Meeting Request Form  
    Permanency Planning Meeting Checklist to be used at Initial and Review PPM’s  
5.1.6 Placement Planning and Disruption Meetings  
    London Borough of Havering Placement Stability Meeting Process  
    Placement Stability Meeting Format  
5.1.7 Remands to Local Authority Accommodation or Youth Detention Accommodation  
5.1.8 Delegation of Authority to Foster Carers and Residential Workers  

6. Placements



6.1.1 Placements in Foster Care  
6.1.2 Placements in Residential Care  
6.1.3 Out of Area Placements  
6.1.4 Placements with Connected Persons  
    Family and Friends Foster Care Procedure: Placement of a Looked After Child with a Connected Person (Family & Friends) Flowchart  
6.1.5 Placements in Secure Accommodation on Welfare Grounds  
6.1.6 Placements with Parents  
6.1.7 Placements Outside England and Wales  
6.1.8 Notifications from Other Local Authorities / Placement Providers  
6.1.9 Notification of Placement or Change of Placement for Looked After Children  



Monitoring and Reviews

6.2.1 Social Worker Visits to Looked After Children Updated
6.2.2 Advocacy and Independent Visitors  
6.2.3 Looked After Children and Young People in Contact with Youth Justice Services  
6.2.4 Looked After Reviews Updated
6.2.5 Appointment and Role of Independent Reviewing Officers  
6.2.6 Secure Accommodation (Criteria) Reviews  



Contact and Overnight Stays

6.3.1 Contact with Parents/Adults and Siblings  
6.3.2 Social Visits (including Overnight Stays)  



Education, School Trips, Holidays and Personal Savings

6.4.1 Holidays and School Trips in the UK  
6.4.2 Holidays and School Trips Outside the UK Updated
6.4.3 Education of Looked After Children  
6.4.4 Personal Savings Policy New



Health and Wellbeing

6.5.1 Health Care Assessments and Plans Updated
6.5.2 Personal Care and Relationships  
6.5.3 Behaviour Management and Safe Caring  
6.5.4 Restrictive Physical Intervention  




6.6.1 Change of Name of a Looked After Child  
6.6.2 Marriage of a Looked After Child  



Leaving Care and Transition

6.7.1 Care Leavers Charter  
6.7.2 Leaving Care and Transition Updated
6.7.3 Financial Support For Care Leavers - Summary Table  
6.7.4 Responsibilities of the Local Authority to Former Looked After Children and Young People in Custody  
6.7.5 Staying Put  

7. Fostering


Fostering Services

7.1.1 Fostering Panel  
7.1.2 Persons Disqualified from Fostering  
7.1.3 Assessments and Approvals of Foster Carers  
    Referral for a Viability/Full Assessment of a Connected Person (Family and Friends Carer)  
    Checklist for Child’s Social Worker. Eligibility Criteria for Prospective Family and Friends Foster Carers, Regulation 24 Care Planning Regulations, Immediate Same Day Emergency Placements  
    Temporary Approval as a Family and Friends Foster Carer Regulation 24 - Care Planning Regulations 2010 Assessment Report  
7.1.4 Exemptions and Extensions/Variations to Foster Carer Approval  
    Fostering Panel Report Expiry of Regulation 24 - Request for Extension of the Temporary Placement (Regulation 25)  
7.1.5 Supervision and Support of Foster Carers  
7.1.6 Review and Termination of Foster Carer Approval  
7.1.7 Allegations Against Foster Carers  
  See also: Fostering for Adoption, Concurrent Planning and Temporary Approval as Foster Carers of Approved Prospective Adopters  

8. Adoption and Permanence


Adoption and Permanence Procedures

8.1.1 Adoption and Permanence Procedures Family Finding Meeting Template  
8.1.2 Matching Meeting Template  
8.1.3 Assessment and Approval of Prospective Adopters  
8.1.4 Approval of Approved Adopters as Foster Carers for a Named Child - Regulation 25A - Care Planning Regulations (2010)  
8.1.5 Adoption Panel Updated
8.1.6 Placement for Adoption  
8.1.7 Adoption Support  
8.1.8 Monitoring and Supervision of Adoptive Placements  
8.1.9 Adoption Reviews  
8.1.10 Disruption of Adoptive Placements  
8.1.11 Allegations Against Prospective Adopters and in Relation to Children Placed for Adoption or Already Adopted  
8.1.12 Inter Country Adoption Updated
8.1.13 Non Agency Adoption  
8.1.14 Adoption Case Records Updated
8.1.15 Access to Birth Records and Adoption Case Records  
8.1.16 Intermediary Services  
8.1.17 Application for Special Guardianship Orders  
8.1.18 Court Reports in Adoption/Special Guardianship Guidance  
8.1.19 Life Story Books  
8.1.20 Later Life Letters  
8.1.21 Fostering for Adoption, Concurrent Planning and Temporary Approval as Foster Carers of Approved Prospective Adopters  

9. Appendices

9.1 Local Contacts  
9.2 Designated Managers  
9.3 Working Together to Safeguard Children  
9.4 Amendments